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Caroline Bayer
Leylagoor & Ann Guillaume
Katharina Meister
Sven Weigel

Opening: friday, 24 october 2008, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 25 October – 19 december 2008

The current exhibition presents Caroline Bayer, Leylagoor & Ann Guillaume, Katharina Meister and Sven Weigel, who show different artistic approaches towards drawing and painting in diverse media like photography, video, paper cuts, wall-, pencil-, wool-, and charcoal-drawings. Thematically the exhibited works deal with spatial concepts portraying urban patterns and landscapes, interior and exterior space. Poetic, transcendental or auratic images meet the ordinary and clear structures.
Caroline Bayer (*1973) from Münster creates wall drawings with adhesive vinyl tape applied directly onto the wall. She starts out by researching urban structures and then puts her drawings of every-day-architecture into the interior space, juxtaposing inside and outside as well as connecting the real space with the illusionistic space, two- and three-dimensionality.
The Void is of major importance to Caroline Bayer’s work, just as to the pieces of the artist duo Leylagoor & Ann Guillaume (*1976/*1980). It is the Void that keeps the two different artistic styles of the French artists at a distance, but links them at the same time. Thus, a mysterious, almost surrealistic new world is created. Leylagoor & Ann Guillaume deconstruct our world to reconstruct it in creation of a new one.
Katharina Meister (*1981) from Karlsruhe composes paper cuts and charcoal drawings on transparent paper, which she also integrates into wooden objects. The objects are placed within the space as to interact with it directly. She often works in layers, putting drawings and paper cuts over each other. An enormous depth is generated, pulling the viewer right into the image. These emotional portraits of landscapes, especially forests, seem to be the setting for a gloomy, mythical fairy tale.
Berlin artist Sven Weigel (*1982) started out as a painter only to neglect this media to now work with photography, video and mixed media. His painterly approach is apparent in all of his work, however, as seen in his work »Nymph I« and in the piece untitled, where wool creates the ›brush strokes‹. In his video »Pan, tilt & roll - Natalia Makarova« he works with found footage, which is set into new contexts. Thus, it is the movements of the shown camera and dancer as well as her speech, that draw lines into space and in her aura of shining light the ballerina seems to be painted and to dissolve.

Caroline Bayer, »WZ 6-08«, 2008

vinyl tape on wall, wall drawing, dimensions variable

Katharina Meister, »ohne Tietel«, 2007
charcoal on tracing paper, 61 x 29 cm

Sven Weigel, »Nymph I«, 2006
photograph, 24 x 38 cm

Leylagoor & Ann Guillaume, »swimming pool 3«, 2008
drawing, 45,8 x 59 cm