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Christian Hellmich, Schirin Kretschmann,
Anne Neukamp, Malin Persson

Exhibition: April 17th till June 5th, 2010
Opening: Friday, April 16th, 7pm
Wednesday, April 21st: open from 1pm till 10 pm

Artist talks
Sat, April 17th, 2pm:
Schirin Kretschmann & Dr. Franziska Uhlig
Sat, May 15th, 2pm:
Malin Persson & Marion Scharmann
Sat, June 5th, 2pm:
Christian Hellmich & Anne Neukamp & Nadia Ismail

The exhibition presents a selection of young, international artists, whose works can be attributed to the medium of painting – both in a classical as well as in a broader sense. The works on exhibit are characterized by changing between abstraction and figuration: though they are to be read formally, they simultaneously open up numerous narrative spaces.
The works of Cologne artist Christian Hellmich (*1977) inspire a debate on painting through their multi-layered blending of colors and forms, at the same time creating complex shapes with exciting, constantly broken perspectives. A continuous interplay between two- and three-dimensionality evolves where laminary color stands against massive structure.
In her painting Berlin artist Anne Neukamp (*1976) applies layer after layer of oil and tempera onto the canvas. Abstract geometrical patterns superimpose figures and concealed motifs that are vaguely perceptible, causing works with stunning surfaces to emerge that are reminiscent of frescoes, seemingly centuries old.
The works of Swedish artist Malin Persson (*1978) can at first glance be attributed to a pure formalism. Yet a closer look unfolds hidden worlds imbued with emotion that slumber in the abstract forms of seemingly unspectacular and loose brush strokes applied to the canvas. It appears for instance as though Monet’s water lilies shine forth from an abstract color grid.
Artist Schirin Kretschmann (*1980), who works in Basle and Berlin, approaches painting in an unusual way: Ice-cream placed in the exhibition space melts away, leaving painterly traces on wall and floor, or a charred square apple tart is reminiscent of Malevich. Video, sculpture, installation and action constitute her ›painterly‹ repertoire, which decidedly reflects painting in a current and playful language. (translated by Uta Hoffmann)
With special thanks to: Chez Valentin, Ferenbalm-Gurbrü Station, Galerie Juličtte Jongma, Lehmann Maupin, Tanja Pol Galerie

Schirin Kretschmann

Anne Neukamp, Schirin Kretschmann

Christian Hellmich, Anne Neukamp

Anne Neukamp, Malin Persson, Christian Hellmich

Malin Persson, Anne Neukamp, Malin Persson

Christian Hellmich

Anne Neukamp

Malin Persson