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»Come as we are«

Opening: September 7th, 6pm – 10pm
Exhibition: September 8th – October 19th, 2012

DC OPEN special opening hours:
September 8th, 12pm – 8pm
September 9th, 12pm – 6pm 

Enthralling ambiguities characterize the work of Stef Heidhues (*1975/Washington, DC), which is inspired by her everyday environment and surroundings, from which it also derives its often ›poor‹ material. By accentuating the aesthetic of the material and using it in ways that contradict the final object, she reveals something in between the familiar and the unknown that defies a clear definition and evokes manifold connotations. Stef Heidhues creates works whose content and form are full of antagonisms, and in so doing questioning and shifting commonly held meanings. The artist keeps this ambivalence in play – her works are simultaneously reminiscent of familiar objects but also of complex arrangements. They are confusing yet captivating, utilizing graceful lines and spatial compositions. Conceptions of identity are the leitmotif of the exhibition. Flags made of bicycle chains occupy the space and knee-protectors made out of grey ceramics are presented on the wall, like African masks. The title »Come As We Are« alludes to an appointment, a meeting. Without disclosing whom or what is to be met. Is it the art works? Or our inner self? 


installation view, photo: Veit Landwehr

Stef Heidhues, »Flags 01-03«, 2012, steel, bicycle chains, each 225 x 147 x 82 cm, photo: Veit Landwehr

Stef Heidhues, »Backprotector CAWA 01 and CAWA 02«, 2012, ceramics, 54 x 54  x 15 cm and 56 x 54  x 16 cm, photo: Veit Landwehr

Stef Heidhues, »Protectors CAWA 06, CAWA 08, CAWA 04 and CAWA 03«, 2012, Keramik, each appr. 24 x 14  x 8 cm, photo: Veit Landwehr

Stef Heidhues, »Protectors CAWA 07, CAWA 10, CAWA 14 and CAWA 05«, 2012, Keramik, each appr. 24 x 14  x 8 cm, photo: Veit Landwehr