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Henriette Grahnert, Christian Hellmich,
Bärbel Messmann,
Tanja Rochelmeyer

November 3rd – December 14th, 2012

special opening hours on the occasion of the
Cologne Contemporaries Gallery Tour:

Saturday, November 3rd, 12pm–8pm (opening)
Sunday, November 4th, 12pm–4pm

The exhibition brings together the work of four different painters, Henriette Grahnert (*1977), Christian Hellmich (*1977), Bärbel Messmann (*1955) and Tanja Rochelmeyer (*1975).

Through a multi-layered interaction between colour and form Christian Hellmich’s work reveals his intuitive dedication to questions about the discourse of painting. The paintings present complex compositions with enthralling perspectives. They investigate a constant interplay between abstraction and figuration, between two- and three-dimensionality, where surface colour meets massive structures.
Bärbel Messmann’s precious paintings and works on paper combine colour, ornament and text. Her works are concentrated and dense whilst also being free and open. Next to intuitive, gestural works, the conceptual use of colour and the difficulty of describing it lies at the core of her works. She connects clear, distinct concepts with sensuality, to reveal the sensual nature of ideas.
Henriette Grahnert’s works could be labeled as ›beautifully bad paintings‹. They reveal refined painting skills, which are simultaneously negated. Ambiguities characterize her paintings. She treats her materials either thoughtfully or spontaneously, the painting style can be fast and gestural, but also slow and meticulous. She uses different painting styles, often referring to different ›painting schools‹, but always ironically, as a way of questioning them. The humorous character of her works is enhanced by her witty titles.
Tanja Rochelmeyers works are created in an intricate, complex process - layer by layer as she creates apparent architectonic structures. Sharp edges form exciting compositions constructed using colour, line and form. Each time we look we see perspectives that are constantly changing and different three-dimensional spaces, which constantly alternate between surface and depth.

Henriette Grahnert, »Hit Flop Plop« 

installation views