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Andreas Lorenschat
»What’s the whatness of all whatnesses?«

opening: Friday, January 25th, 6pm–10pm
exhibition: January 26th  – march 29th, 2013

Cologne Contemporaries gallery tour
01/25/13, 6pm–10pm +  01/26/13, 12pm–6pm

artist talk with Dr. Stefanie Kreuzer
Saturday, march 9th, 2013, 4pm

The exhibition of Andreas Lorenschat focuses on the question of meaning: »what´s the whatness of all whatnesses?« The artist investigates the essence of human existence in general and of language and expression in particular.
Correlations of text, picture, and imaginary image are the connecting and central element of all works shown in this exhibition: video, photography, installation, and paper. Andreas Lorenschat ›exposes‹ to the viewer the ›innocent eye‹ simultaneously questioning it from a philosophical and art historical perspective. By creating a portrait of time, the artist makes us feel the passing of time as well as experience history and narratives.
Although or perhaps because the works are grounded in biographical detail general questions such as the question of the ›nature‹ of things emerge and spread over the personal like a veil, covering it, but also allowing what lies beneath to shine through.
The artist’s conceptual works utilize a minimalist yet at the same time poetic ›translation‹ which in its minimalism evokes an even more opulent realm of thought.

Andreas Lorenschat, »What’s the whatness of all whatnesses?«, 2013, chalk on wall, dimensions variable, edition of 3 + 1

Andreas Lorenschat, »The Drawings«, 2013, drawings, framed, je 42 x 32 cm, series of 30 unique pieces

Andreas Lorenschat, »The Collection«, 2013, handwriting on cardboard, framed, dimensions between 11,5 x 11,5 cm und 73.5 x 58,5cm

Andreas Lorenschat, »The Collection«, 2013, detail

installation view

installation view

installation view

installation view