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Eilike Schlenkhoff
»Blumenkohl für Sarah«

opening: July 5th, 2013, 7pM
Exhibition: July 6th till August 2nd, 2013

Eilike Schlenkhoff's (*1984) work comprises painting, photography, drawing as well as installation and is characterized by an eclectic style – in the most positive and creative sense of the word. She draws from a pool of different painterly approaches that complement, but also contrast with each other, constituting a new approach, and in so doing revealing the world as a stage. Her paintings draw us into fantastic worlds, whilst also opening up new insights into the act of painting itself – a brushstroke bursts into a picturesque landscape; elements of naive painting are illuminated in a Turneresque manner. Realism and fantasy are integrated in her photographs of small, self-built and partially painted models that present familiar and simultaneously peculiar environments.
In her oeuvre the artist, who is based in Wuppertal, wants to unite opposites, such as figuration and abstraction, surface and structure, focus and blur, free gestural style and meticulously implemented details.