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Brussels Cologne Contemporaries 2015
with Jana Müller
16 - 18 January 2015
@ Lempertz Brussels
Rue du Grand Cerf, 6, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


Brussels Cologne Contemporaries 2015

Jana Müller’s oeuvre explores memory, the cinematic, and storytelling. The human being between public and private space and the construction of identity lie at the heart of her works. The artist lays out clues and evidence that evoke numerous tales.
For her work 'Dirty Laundry' Jana Müller borrowed a container of dirty laundry from a hotel close to the exhibition space. The piece has an enormous sculptural presence, but it is also ephemeral and refers to intangibility. The dirty laundry symbolizes intimacy and seems full of secret stories. So the work is like an investigation of the human being. The sheets in a clean state mirror luxury, while in a dirty state they evoke disgust, until they are clean again. The container, used for the transportation of things, refers to a shift of contexts and to change – e.g. the change of value.

Jana Müller, »Dirty Laundry«